Here's how to upload a video file to your SoAmpli post: 

Step 1

Go to the drop down menu at the top of the feed, and click on "media centre": 

Step 2

Click "Upload Video": 

(please note that if you would like to upload a video to a post that is going to be shared to Facebook, the video file must be no more than 1GB in size and 20 minutes in length.)

Step 3 

Name your video file, and press "select video": 

Wait until the progress bar reaches 100% then press "save": 

Step 4

Wait for the video to transcode: 

This process may take between 5-10 minutes. Refresh the media page to see if it has finished transcoding. 

When the video is ready, "Transcoded" will appear next to it: 

Now you're ready to share your video to social media! 

Step 5 

Select "create post": 

Step 6

Click on the video icon. You'll be able to browse recent videos you have uploaded to the media centre. 

Click on the video you'd like to upload, and you will see a thumbnail appear on your post: 

Step 7

Press "post" to create your SoAmpli post with your video file attached: 

Step 8 

Press the share button and select the social channels you would like to share to! 

Sharing video files to different social media channels 

Please note, due to API access the video files will act slightly differently depending on which social channel you share to. 


The video will appear as a "Twitter Card" like so: 

When you or anyone else clicks the play button, the video window will become larger and the video will begin to play.

The video is hosted on which will appear at the bottom of the post as shown above. 

If you or someone else clicks on this, you will be taken to a plain hosting page like so: 

You will see CLICKS on your SoAmpli post if someone clicks on the video thumbnail, or if someone clicks on the


When you share a post to Facebook, the video will be embedded directly into the post, with no URLs required. 

When sharing video files to Facebook you will not receive click through metrics back to SoAmpli. 


When you share a post to LinkedIn with a video file attached, the video will not play automatically.

A thumbnail image for the video will appear as the post, and to view the video you or someone else will need to click on the link in order to watch the video. 

When someone does click on a click through will be measured in the SoAmpli statistics section. 

For any questions on our video upload feature please don't hesitate to get in touch using our live chat function in the bottom right hand corner of the help centre. 

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