Your attached social channels are the social media accounts you will be able to post to through SoAmpli. You can attach your social media accounts to your SoAmpli profile on the 'My profile' page via the drop down menu in the top right corner.

To get started, click the specific button for the selected channel, whether it’s a Twitter account, a personal Facebook account, a Facebook company page, a personal LinkedIn profile, a LinkedIn company page or an Instagram account. Each button will redirect you to the login page of the selected website, where you'll need to permit SoAmpli to post for you. Profiles can only be attached one at a time.

Please remember that to attach a Facebook or LinkedIn company page, you need to have attached a personal Facebook or LinkedIn account first. That way, we can see which company pages you are an admin of on each platform.

If you would like to disconnect your social channel(s), head on over to our Disconnect Your Social Accounts article.

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