To schedule a post, simply follow these steps:

1) Click the 'Share' button on the SoAmpli post you wish to schedule

2) Select the social channel(s) you wish the post to appear on

 3) Click on the arrow next to the 'Share now' button at the bottom right of the post. You will then be able to select 'schedule'. 

4) Select the day and time you wish your update to be posted, and then click on 'Schedule shares' to finalise the process

Please note that if you wish to post the same update at different time/date(s) on different social channels, you will need to complete each scheduling operation separately. You can do that by selecting one social channel at a time, following the steps described above for the first schedule, and then clicking again on the 'Share' button on the post to choose the different time/date(s) you want it to be shown on the other social channel(s).

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