To include a new import source, open the 'Discover' tab, then click 'Add new source'.

Alternatively, click on the 'Manage sources' button and then on 'Create import source' at the bottom of the list of sources.

You can then choose which type of source you want to import content from, including Twitter and Instagram handles (e.g. the BBC's Twitter account), LinkedIn and Facebook company pages, and RSS feeds available on specific websites.
 In order to add a social media feed to your 'Discover' tab, please note that you will need to have a social account for that particular network connected to your SoAmpli profile.

 For example, if you want to import a Twitter handle, you will need a Twitter account connected to your SoAmpli profile first. To verify which social media accounts you have connected to your profile, visit the 'My profile' section in the drop down menu.
 You will be able to include a variety of sources; however, for LinkedIn and Facebook company pages, you will need to be an administrator of the page(s).

Add a name to your import source; this will appear in the 'Discover' feed every time a new update is posted by the source, and will also help you easily manage all your sources later on.

 Insert the Social Account Handle (Instagram and Twitter accounts), the URL link to the RSS feed, or the Facebook or LinkedIn page you administer in the dedicated space.

 Finally, select a channel under which the posts from the import source will be shown to your colleagues once you have approved them, and click on 'Save Changes'.

You can always edit the details of the account later if you need to.

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