Since Chris Messina, a social technology expert, came up with the very first hashtag on Twitter in August 2007, hashtags have become an intrinsic part of social media life.

From Twitter, they have taken most social media networks by storm. Although the concept is the same on every platform (use hashtags to place your post under a larger 'thematic umbrella'), best practices vary slightly from one social channel to the next.

1. Twitter

Hashtags were invented on Twitter and are absolutely brilliant on it. BUT don’t overuse them! Three should be your limit.

Also, try to use them within the text as much as possible... 

Find popular hashtags other people are using too! Pick the ones that can help your message be part of a larger conversation.  

Last but not least, always be on the look-out for trending hashtags you can engage with in a timely fashion!

2. Instagram

When it comes to hashtags on Instagram, knock yourself out!

Use as many hashtags as you want (all grouped together at the end of your posts). You will quickly see that they actually work, helping you reach a broader audience and generate visits to your profile.

PRO TIP: Create a hashtag unique to you and use it consistently over time to create personal albums anyone can quickly access!

3. LinkedIn

Although introduced later than on other platforms, hashtags on LinkedIn work amazingly!

Help fellow professionals find your posts by adding a couple of hashtags to your posts. Pick the ones related to hot industry topics and trending conversations.

4. Facebook

Hashtags on Facebook are a tricky business. There are studies showing they don't seem to have a significant impact on engagement or reach (especially for brands), but they won't hurt either.

If you want to add one here and there, we won't be the ones to tell you to stop!

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